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Weight training


Why do some people train hard in the gym and play hard on the court, while others go through the motions? Are those hours equally well spent? Some would ask what the point is of showing up if you aren’t going to get everything you can out of it. Others would say that at least the second person bothered to go at all.


Market analyze

Surviving As An Analyst

Making a success of your first job as an analyst is an important career milestone.  I remember looking up at the 53-story office building from the sidewalk on my first day of work.  It was scary, exciting, and pretty intimidating. Twenty-four years on, here’s what I’ve learned about what it takes to do well from…



Facing Up To Face Time

One of my favourite quotes is film director Woody Allen’s line, “80% of success is showing up.” But once you show up, how long do you need to stick around when it comes to your workplace? The perennial question of “face time” (i.e., extra time spent at work beyond normal working hours, especially to impress…