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Inspiring. Compelling. Unique.

May Busch is an engaging and sought after speaker on leadership and career success. She brings a fresh perspective to helping people and organizations lead and achieve positive change. Audiences find May’s talks and workshops inspiring and energizing.

Inspiring people to be their best at work and in life

Drawing upon her 24-year high-powered career at Morgan Stanley (most recently as Chief Operating Officer for Europe), May is renowned for her ability to present in a way that is honest, engaging and relevant.

Participants learn how to drive their own path to success as they define it and come away feeling inspired, energized and equipped with strategies for taking control of their own leadership and career progression.

As a Chinese-American who has worked in the US, UK and Europe with the C-Suite through to millennials, May is comfortable in front of a variety of audiences.

Sessions can be conducted individually or as a series in a variety of formats ranging from a 1-hour talk to highly interactive masterclasses.

“Most energetic and engaging speaker”

May is one of the most energetic and engaging speakers I know of. She brings a positive message of taking charge of your own career/life, that people can make mistakes along the way and survive, and she wants everyone to leave with some action they can take immediately to proactively direct their career in the direction they desire.

Don Breiland

Director of Risk Management, Salt River Project

“One of the best career development sessions”

May Busch's presentation was one of the best career development sessions I've attended in a long time. She pulled together a lot of concepts for managing your career in such a memorable and lasting way. I came away with a few things to think about for my own career, as well as others to share with my leaders and individual contributors.

Department Head

Global Financial Services Firm

“A joy to work with”

We received a lot of positive feedback from the women in attendance. They appreciated not only your wisdom but also your humor and how thoughtful and practical your advice was. And they welcomed and appreciated your willingness to stay after the presentation and interact with them. You were truly a joy to work with. I just can’t thank you enough!

Anne Hanyak

President/CEO, AZ Women's Leadership Forum

“Inspirational speaker”

May has thought long and deeply about her experience as a leader at the top level of an Investment Bank, and has come to some very original and completely practical conclusions. Coupled with this, she is a superb, inspirational speaker, and I have been proud to ask her to talk to top quality MSc students on the core Leadership module in their programme.

Professor David Sims

Head of the Faculty of Management, Cass Business School

Keynote & Workshop Topics

May’s commitment is to deliver an outstanding experience for you and your audience, and she can work closely with you and your team to achieve success as you define it. Her mission is to help one million people be better, do more and make the difference they are meant to make. She would love to help your audience too.

Here are the topics that May is often asked to speak on and all topics can be customized for your needs. Sessions can be conducted individually or as a series in a variety of formats ranging from a 1-hour talk to highly interactive masterclasses, and delivered in a variety of formats, whether it's a keynote, workshop or webinar.

The Achiever Path – How to Accelerate Your Career
  • Discover how Career Gates drive your career and leadership trajectory
  • Identify the Achiever Capabilities that will most move the needle for you
  • 3 Strategies to help you take action
Your Path to Promotion
  • The informal, unspoken criteria for promotion that can hold you back if you don’t know what they are
  • 5 elements of positioning yourself for promotion successfully (The 5 Ps of Promotion)
  • 3 kinds of people you need to have on board who can make or break your promotion chances
Next Level Networking
  • The 5 kinds of people you need in your network
  • 3 actionable strategies to build network in less time and with less stress
  • The single best strategy for leveraging the network you already have
  • The most powerful action you can take right now to build and leverage your network
Building Your Business Network
  • The 5 kinds of people you need in your business network
  • Assessing your business network – where do you need to invest?
  • 3 strategies for advancing your business network
Building Alliances with Senior People
  • Forming your Career Board of Directors
  • Framework for building senior relationships authentically
  • How to manage your boss (and other challenging people)
High Impact Communication
  • 4 Elements of high impact communication
  • 5 Strategies for making a stronger impact
  • The most reliable way to raise your profile and build credibility
Six Principles for Success

May shares her key takeaways, tips and stories from a 24-year career where she rose from entry level position to Managing Director and COO. Learn from her ups and downs and many mistakes so you can enhance your influence at work to achieve excellent outcomes for yourself, your team and your organisation.

Facilitator and Panel Moderator

May is also a sought-after facilitator and panel moderator. She finds it joyful to interview people and bring out the best in a group, and would be pleased to help you facilitate your next discussion, moderate your next panel or emcee your upcoming event.

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