Executive Coaching

Because no one succeeds alone

May Busch works with high potential leaders through to C-Suite executives who want to get to the next level of success more quickly and easily. Her coaching helps to bring the best parts of you to the table more of the time as you advance.

Be Your Best at Work and in Life

You can do and achieve more, and the world benefits when you bring your best self to work. This is not about working harder or even smarter. It’s about uncovering the strategies, tools and insights that allow you to bring the best parts of you to the table more of the time as you advance.

But as you progress in your career, there are fewer people you can freely confide in and less organizational investment toward your development and success.

Those you trust may not fully understand the context in which you operate, and those you work with may not be in a position to be confidants who can help you shorten your learning curve.

With May as your coach, she is one of the few people you can trust to be completely in your corner and to understand your context. Her role is to help you succeed professionally and personally in the way that you define success.

May's goal is to help you make the exponentially positive impact you were meant to make, and to have fun in the process.

Gain Clarity

  • Your key next career steps
  • What’s holding you back and how to break free
  • Potential “blind spots”

Develop Strategies

  • Address the obstacles (real or perceived) that stand in your way
  • Make the transition to your next level of professional performance
  • Speed your time to success

Gain Confidence

  • “Swing out” and bring your whole self when “playing it safe” is holding you back
  • Show up as someone who can take on an even bigger role

Enhance Your Development

  • Bring out the best in yourself, your team and your organization
  • Navigate the political landscape with greater confidence
  • Live and work in a way that is true to yourself

Identify a Plan to Achieve Success

  • The new behaviors you need to adopt to be successful at the next level
  • The old behaviors you need to leave behind
  • Ways to grow as a leader and improve your personal impact, presence and gravitas

“Now I feel more in control”

Thank you for pointing out things I hadn’t realized were so obvious to others. It caused me to change the way I think about things. As a result, I’ve been able to move all of my relationships back on track. Now I feel more in control. Without you addressing it, I’m not sure I would’ve gotten there on my own.

Senior Executive

Media Company

“Helped me see where I needed to head”

May guided me through the process of self-discovery in a professional setting and helped me see where I needed to head. She gave me the tools to learn to guide myself – to develop my own map, set my own goals and aspirations, and take action. When you’ve come to a conclusion yourself, you can achieve real change.

Executive Director

Investment Banking Firm

“I see clearly what I have to do”

Getting perspective from someone who knows the people involved and their psychology was key. An incredible listener. I now “get it” – I see clearly what I have to do. I feel emancipated. I know where I want to go and have drawn a line in the sand. I’m surprised by the quality of what we achieved.

Executive Director

Investment Banking Advisory firm

“Challenges me to be the best I can be”

May challenges me to be the best I can be, more than I could ever challenge myself. May’s style is to facilitate my thinking and help me solve my own problems. She is seamless in how she does it. Give the man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats forever. May taught me to fish.


Global Investment Bank

Meet May Chien Busch

May is a seasoned business executive with a passion for helping leaders be the best they can be. As an executive, she was sought out as a mentor, coach and thinking partner by colleagues and team members, and recognized for her ability to help disparate groups collaborate toward a common goal.

Since retiring from her first career in 2008, she has become a sought after coach, consultant and advisor for leaders and their organizations. Her mission is to help people and their organizations get to the next level, overcome obstacles and accelerate their time to success.

In addition to her credibility as a business practitioner, May brings significant cross-cultural experience as an American-born Chinese with experience working in the US and UK with top executives across Europe and beyond.

As an executive coach and mentor, May brings 24 years of front-line corporate experience and expertise, most recently as COO of Morgan Stanley Europe, to help professionals overcome (often hidden) obstacles, advance to the next level in their careers, reach their full potential as leaders and achieve agreed-upon outcomes.

May is someone who:

  • Succeeded in a high-powered career and therefore “gets” you and the complexities you deal with, while also possessing the experience, instincts and training of an executive coach.
  • Possesses an intuitive and deep understanding of business strategy and culture change, and brings these extra dimensions to help you succeed across the breadth of your responsibilities.
  • Delivers a highly personalized and sophisticated experience tailored to your specific needs and style.
  • Listens without judging, captures the nuance, and can get you to “aha” moments.
  • Is perceptive and not afraid to challenge you.
  • Is prepared to be bold on your behalf and bolster your confidence and commitment, while holding you accountable to act.
  • Helps you develop actionable strategies and tools for addressing your most pressing issues.

“Real advice based on her own senior role experience”

The thing that makes May’s coaching stand out from the crowd is that she has been there and done it and can give real advice based on her own senior role experience.

Managing Director

Global Investment Bank

Executive Experience

May works with leaders, teams and organizations on leadership development, organizational strategy and career success. She offers executive coaching to high-potential and seasoned leaders as well as consulting, keynotes, workshops and digital masterclasses for their teams and organizations.

May brings her insights and experiences to help people in pursuit of their goals, and to promote greater thought leadership, diversity and innovation in the workplace.

May is also a Senior Advisor and Executive in Residence in the Office of the President, and Professor of Practice at the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University (ASU) where she consults and conducts workshops on leadership and career success. ASU is the largest public research university in the US and pioneer of a New American University model for higher education.

Prior to this, May enjoyed a 24-year career at Morgan Stanley spanning two continents and ten different business roles across Investment Banking, Capital Markets and Firm Management.

For the majority of her career, May held client relationship and line management roles. She was most recently Chief Operating Officer for Europe where she was responsible for the development and implementation of the Firm’s business strategy in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

She chaired the firm’s European Diversity Council, helped to develop its European Talent Management function, and was a member of Morgan Stanley’s European Management Committee as well as a Board Member of the Firm’s regulated UK broker dealer.

May is a graduate of The Meyler Campbell Business Coach Program, and earned a BA magna cum laude in Economics from Harvard University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Coaching Experience

Individual Coaching:

  • Managing Directors of global financial institutions on leadership and management
  • Partner at a law firm on establishing and leading a new initiative
  • General Counsel of a corporation on leadership and culture change
  • Senior Executive at a technology company on advancing to C-suite role
  • High potential women on leadership and preparing their path to promotion

Team Development and Leadership Coaching:

  • Developing and implementing a Leadership Academy program for research faculty and staff
  • Working with financial services firms on a series of strategy and leadership team offsites
  • Advising the President of a non-profit institution on developing a sustainable pipeline of executive leaders
  • Helping law firms develop their female talent
  • Conducting a series of workshops on leadership for a media company

“Invaluable during my transition to a new role”

May was an invaluable guide and advisor during my transition to a new role. She would immediately get beyond the surface of any issue, help you understand the root cause of a new challenge and work with you to identify solutions that felt both ambitious and achievable.

Most importantly, May very quickly built confidence and trust that allowed for a collaborative working relationship; and was always willing to go above and beyond to help (even between sessions). I would absolutely recommend working with May, and hope to do so again in the future.


Global Media Company

Who May Works With

May works with high potential leaders through to C-Suite executives who want to get to their next level of career success, and are prepared to invest the energy and mind space to work with a coach in order to get there more quickly and easily.

They are successful people at critical points in their career where having a strategic thinking partner – someone who understands strategy, culture and people aspects of running a business – can make the difference between good and great outcomes. For example:

  • Senior or high potential leaders being groomed for greater responsibility or promotion
  • Executives who are about to take on a new or expanded leadership role
  • Established leaders who are facing new challenges and complexities

This is what May looks for in a client:

  • A desire to continue to advance and operate at your full potential, to be and do more, to learn and grow – you are open to and interested in positive change.
  • A person of integrity with the capacity and desire to make a meaningful positive difference in your family, your organization and the world – we have a shared interest in doing what is meaningful and making a positive impact.
  • A need for the experience, insight and unique ability that May brings to help you advance – you want to work with her.

How to Work with May

May only takes on a handful of clients at any given time. If you're interested in engaging her as your executive coach, please complete the following form.