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This one is a little different than usual because it’s about my business. It’s not about career development in the corporate world, but the how behind my business… what led me to where I am today.

When I left my 24-year corporate career, I had a dream to help people. Lots of people. Who am I kidding, my secret wish was (and still is) to help a million people!

But as they say, we all start somewhere. For me, that was coaching senior executives one-on-one and running small workshops for my former employer. While it was rewarding, I realized I could never get to my goal of serving a million by touching just a few dozen people at a time.

That’s when I realized I had to take my work online. So, I started blogging.

It took me three months to muster up the courage to press send on my first blog post. I was afraid it would “go viral” and kept refining it so it would be perfect in case Oprah’s people wanted to feature it.

Yes, I was completely delusional.

In reality, no one read my first blog posts except my mom, my dad, and my husband. Not even my kids signed up.

The cold hard truth was that writing a handful of blog posts, coaching a few people and doing the odd workshop here and there was hardly a business model.

That’s when I realized I needed a different approach. To learn how to build a following and offer content in a way that creates a community of wonderful people who are interested in taking action, getting results and improving their lives.

When I look back now, I see just how far I’ve come since those early days when I had a handful of blog followers and no business model.

Today, I’ve got over 11,000 subscribers to my blog, thousands more following me on social media, my book Accelerate selling on Amazon (a bestseller during its release!), and online courses and products that are changing people’s lives for the better. This has also attracted and helped me win more in-person business (coaching, workshops and speaking engagements), and at a higher rate that reflects the value I deliver.

So, what led me to where I am today?

The short answer is Jeff Walker, his Product Launch Formula, and his team of incredible coaches. Jeff was named the “$400 million man” by Forbes (it’s now well over $500 million) because his clients and students have literally made hundreds of millions of dollars by using his techniques.

Thanks to them, I’ve had amazing doors open for me and enjoyed some transformational experiences.

One experience was especially memorable.

Code name: Project Ferrari

I’ve always been motivated by challenge, even if it sounds scary. Especially if it sounds scary! That’s why I chose a career that was very, very hard for me and highly competitive. I managed to be successful and learned a ton along the way.

So, when my team returned from Jeff’s live event in Phoenix, Arizona, and said, “we’re going to enter the Ferrari competition!”, I said without hesitation, “I’M IN! What do we have to do?”

That’s when “Project Ferrari” was born and the “fun” began.

Stepping outside my comfort zone

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you’ll know I talk often about “stepping out of your comfort zone”. If you don’t constantly push yourself and get out of your comfort zone, you won’t grow and realize your full potential. So, I’m always pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone.

So, for the next four months, we strapped in and worked at warp speed to develop my signature course, Accelerate Your Career, and launch it just before the competition deadline. Without that challenge and deadline, I’d still be back at square one with delaying tactics in full force.

Instead, I had stepped way outside my comfort zone. And guess what? With the support of my team and Jeff’s community, it wasn’t so scary. It gave me huge amounts of confidence just to have gone for it.

Speaking on stage in front of 1,000 people

To my utter surprise and delight, I was chosen as one of the 11 finalists in the Ferrari competition! That meant I had the chance to speak on stage in front of 1,000 people to present my case. Up to that point, the most I had ever spoken in front of was 500.

What most people don’t know is that I was so nervous before my talk that I did 10 push-ups backstage. When that didn’t work, the organizer had to give me a hug and tell me I was going to be all right. Thankfully, that did work.

After the audience vote, I didn’t win the Ferrari. But, my good friend, Luis Carlos Flores, did and I couldn’t have been happier because he and his wife do awesome work – they teach parents how to be better parents and have helped thousands of families.

Jeff Walker with Ferrari competition finalists at LaunchCon Los Angeles Oct 2016

Jeff Walker, creator of the Product Launch Formula, getting much love from the 11 finalists. That's me far right next to Luis!

But since it was a 10-way tie for second place, we all got the second-place prize, which was…

Being invited to an exclusive Mastermind session

THIS was the prize I really wanted to win, and not the Ferrari. Yes, I’m weird like that.

I had the chance to spend two incredible days working with Jeff, two of his coaches and the other contestants at his secret headquarters in beautiful Durango, Colorado. During that time, we helped each other brainstorm ideas for advancing our respective businesses.

Imagine sitting around a table with someone revered in the industry who has built an eight-figure business, two coaches who’ve helped many others build multimillion-dollar businesses, and 10 fellow thinking partners who are experienced in the online world.

Jeff Walker Mastermind Durango Colorado June 2017 Session 2 and Lunch

And it wasn’t all work and no play…

Jeff Walker Mastermind Durango Colorado June 2017 Firepit

Jeff Walker Mastermind Durango Colorado June 2017 Selfies

By the end of the weekend, I had a multitude of new ideas for growing my business and a community of support I continue to rely on. And we had a lot of fun. Priceless.

Cultivating a new mindset

I’ve gone from zero sum thinking (where for someone to win, someone else has to lose) to an abundance mindset, where partnering and collaboration replace competition.

In the process, I’ve also become far more commercial and no longer see selling as something unattractive. Just like Dan Pink’s book title says, “To Sell is Human”, and as Jeff says, “sales is service”, I’m increasingly comfortable putting myself out there.

Having a safe space to learn and grow

Jeff attracts a great group of people and forms us into a caring community. It’s truly a safe and supportive place to learn, grow and succeed. It’s as if there’s a “no jerks” rule in force, even though I’ve never seen it written anywhere.

Whether it’s Jeff’s team of coaches, the rest of the community or Jeff himself, it’s an awesome place to get feedback and support each other in achieving our goals.

“So, how did you two meet?”

How did I come to know Jeff and be part of his community?

A while back, I came across his free workshop on building an online business. He does his “Launch Workshop” every year and it’s all about how to create a product and build an audience, and how to sell without feeling like a used car salesperson. It’s great material, and it’s free.

In my view, this training is worth checking out If:

  • You’re a coach who wants to reach more people, serve more clients, and make a bigger impact
  • You’re an entrepreneur who wants to build and launch a successful online business
  • You’re in a corporate job and have been thinking about starting a “side gig”
  • You’d like a way to make your organization’s events and marketing more successful

If that’s you, then this training is well worth it. I just wish I had come across Jeff sooner!

Jeff’s “Launch Workshop” is available for a very small window while he’s getting ready to launch his full course. So, I highly recommend you check out his free training now.

And maybe we’ll read your version of “Project Ferrari” one day?

It can all start here for you, as it did for me, with Jeff’s free online workshop.

And if you’re ever at one of Jeff’s live Product Launch Formula events, be sure to find me and say “hello”. But I have to warn you: I may rope you into one of my favorite activities… DANCING!

May Busch dancing at LaunchCon 2017

In the spirit of full transparency, some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. I only recommend people and things that I believe in and think are a great resource.