Career Mastery™ Kickstart 2018 started this week and it’s been amazing!

This is my annual online Summit where I gather world-class experts to help you get your year off to a great start and take your career to the next level.

Over 7,000 high achievers have registered for this free event and we’ve had an awesome first week. It’s been a delight to see participants praise the experts, share their biggest takeaways from the Tips and Interviews, and engage with each other.

And participants are already getting results. They’re taking the Tips, strategies and insights and using them to advance their careers and make an impact.

I love it when a plan comes together!

It’s not too late to join this free virtual Summit.

Here are some highlights so far from Career Mastery™ Kickstart 2018:

Dorie Clark – How to be Entrepreneurial at Work
Dorie’s Tip focused on the small adjustments to your thinking that can give you a big competitive advantage at work. Essential in a world where we’re all expected to innovate.

Carla Harris – How to Find Great Mentors and Sponsors
As Carla says, “You will not ascend in any organization without a sponsor”. Her Tip sets out the three criteria for a strong sponsor and an action plan for identifying yours.

Michael Bungay Stanier – How to Give the Very Best Advice as a Leader
Michael talked about the essential skill of giving good advice when it comes to being a great manager and leader, and provides a script for doing this well. Use it in your personal life, too.

Erica Seldin – How to Make Better Decisions That Result in Action
Striving for 100% alignment with any group is almost impossible. Erica’s tip helps teams move forward beyond “analysis paralysis” and start to get things done.

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Chester Elton – What the Best Leaders Do that Others Don’t
Chester’s Tip focused on a simple set of actions you can take every day to be a great leader who delivers great results. And this is one you will want to try at home too!

Ron Friedman – How to Disconnect from Work
Ron shared advice that helps high achievers become even more productive and deliver better performance. This can make you a hero at home while also a bigger star at work!

Michelle Gielan – How to Shift a Conversation from Negative to Positive in Second
Michelle’s Tip challenges the widely-held belief that we can’t change other people. Her Power Lead technique transforms conversations in a way that’s beneficial to you and others.

Christine Carter – How to Say No Gracefully
Christine provided three tips that work when it feels really hard to say “no”. This helps you avoid saying “yes” and feeling resentment later, and learn to say “no” without being abrupt.

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Jeremy Snape – How to Set Goals Like an Olympic Athlete to Achieve Greater Success
Jeremy provided four steps to make your goals for the year totally doable. You’ll feel inspired as you get done everything you want to do, and set yourself up for a great year.

Michael Port – How to Get People to Say ‘Yes’ to Your Ideas
Michael shared the 3 questions that drive whether someone says yes or no. This improves the odds of getting to “yes” without risking embarrassment when you make a proposal.

David Burkus – How to Unlock the Value of Your Network
David’s Tip focused on the value of connecting with people across the organization, and debunks the myth that heading up the corporate ladder as fast as possible is the best route to success. So, relax and stop worrying if your career isn’t going in a straight line to the top!

Sarah Santacroce – How to Nail the 1 Sentence That Makes or Breaks Your LinkedIn Profile
Sarah taught us the three questions that guide you to a highly effective LinkedIn headline. Rest assured that you’ll be well represented on LinkedIn and stand out from the crowd.

More Actionable Career Advice to Come

It’s been an incredible week. My guest experts have shared such great insights to start the year strong and make this an amazing year for you.

Although you may have missed the speakers this week (each day’s sessions are ‘on air’ and only available for 48 hours) there are still many more speakers to come over the next few days that you won’t want to miss.

So, if you haven’t already, sign up now to catch the remaining Tips and Interviews.

Join me at Career Mastery™ Kickstart 2018 and let’s get your year off to a great start!