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What Goes Around Comes Around

Yesterday morning, someone lashed out at me verbally, including some unkind statements and a veiled threat.  He was upset because something I inadvertently had done while helping a third person was causing him delay on his journey.  Without...

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Changing Careers?

Changing one’s career path takes initiative, and often it’s not straightforward. However, the end result is worth the effort – it’s just a matter of getting from here to there. Based on my own recent experience in changing careers, the...

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This Year's Best New Year Resolutions

I was having lunch with friends last week and the topic of New Year resolutions came up. I defiantly (or more accurately, defensively) stated that I hadn't "bothered" to come up with any: I never seem to make any worth sticking to or else end...

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Are Boardroom Quotas A Good Idea?

France is joining Norway by adopting the quota approach for achieving gender parity on Boards. ForbesWoman/Forbes.com has asked for views on whether the US should follow suit, and heated debate has ensued -- and keep in mind this is a LinkedIn...

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How Can They Be Sure?*

Highly educated young women are reportedly intending to opt out of the career achievement cycle. Is this next generation of women taking too much for granted, or are they wiser than we think?It was not that long ago that women finally won the right to vote...

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