Have you heard about Mamyrock, the new British DJ who is taking Europe by storm?  (TimesOnline:  http://bit.ly/bY7XBm)

She happens to be a 69-year old grandmother and former “trailing spouse” who started this new career just a handful of years ago.  How cool is that?

Simply knowing that she exists inspires and reassures at the same time.  And if we needed any more evidence, the reality is that young people love her and clubs from Paris to Istanbul to Singapore and now North America are clamoring to book her.  By the way, she got into this new career through “a mutual acquaintance” – that’s right, the trusty networking concept.

So, there’s no need to fear the future as long as we keep putting ourselves out there.  Mamyrock is an inspiring role model for those of us who may fear aging, or worry “it’s too late” to start a new career, or feel like we may never achieve our dreams.  It’s never too late, so go for it!


Image credit: ©MamyRock