Instead of New Year resolutions, I have decided to go with the suggestion made by Chris Brogan in his end of year blog to identify three words to live by during the next year, or in his words, “my guiding pillars for what I will focus on in the coming year… a lighthouse for my actions and efforts”.

For 2011, mine are:

  • Fearless – to experiment forward boldly with no fear, to face situations without anxiety or worry
  • Faith – to trust myself as I explore and have faith that it will all work out
  • Fun – to enjoy every day, have more fun with what I choose to do, be more fun and laugh more; life doesn’t have to be so serious all the time so lighten up!

Chris’ concept is consistent with another idea I like: of having a “swing thought”, which golf pro Gary Smith introduced to me as I struggled with the act of swinging the club and getting the ball in the air.

Gary pointed out that if you try to apply the dozens of “how to swing a club” instructions all at the same time (e.g., keep your head down, keep your head still, grip the club like this, stick your backside out, drop your back shoulder…you get the picture) then it becomes almost impossible to hit the ball.

Much better to focus on the single idea that most improves your swing at that point in time.  This is your “swing thought”.  It will change as you progress, but it is your focal point and allows you to do everything else in a free flowing and natural way.  I liked that idea so much that I incorporated it into my mentoring of others and found that the concept also works in the rest of life beyond golf.

Just as Gary’s input helped me improve my golf game and mentoring outcomes, I look forward to Chris’ improving my focus this year – thanks guys.  And best wishes to all on your own New Year “Swing Thoughts”.