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How to Be at Your Best More of the Time

Do you consistently bring your “A-Game” to everything you do? I strive for it, but often fall short. A more realistic goal is to find ways to operate at your best more of the time. Here's how to make it more repeatable and more likely you’ll spend more time in that optimal zone.

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How to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done

If you’ve ever had something linger on your “to do” list for days or maybe even weeks, then know that you are not alone. Often, procrastination occurs when you’re at a crossroad – a fork in the road where a decision must be made. Here's what has helped me to decide and move on more often.

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How to Stand Out at Work

Since work represents the majority of your waking hours, not showing your true self can make you shrink as a person over time and let work suck the life out of you. In my experience, it’s essential to bring your whole self to work if you want to stand out and excel.

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