Who do you turn to when you need career advice?

Who do you consult when you need to talk through a career challenge you’re facing or a decision you need to make?

For much of my career, I didn’t have someone I felt like I could go to for impartial career advice.

My supportive friends and family were more than willing to help, but often didn’t understand the context and nuance of the challenges I was facing at work.

My colleagues and managers understood the context, but revealing my true challenges and insecurities at work ran the risk of damaging my reputation. And I wasn’t sure I could trust them to give me impartial advice.

As a result, I wasted a lot of time and energy going through trial and error as I tried to figure things out on my own

If you’re experiencing a similar challenge, you are not alone. It also doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to muddle your way through like I did, achieving your career goals but only after unnecessary mistakes and stress.

That’s why I’ve launched “Ask May” to get my best career advice.

Ask me anything about your career

Ask May is especially for the questions you don’t feel you can get straight answers for elsewhere. Like questions about your promotion prospects, leading a team, having difficult conversations with peers, or achieving your personal career goals.

Whatever your career question or challenge, if I can help you with it, I will. So go ahead and ask me anything about your career.

Here are a few examples of challenges I’ve given career advice on:

What to Do When You Have Competing Priorities

How to Improve Your Executive Presence, Communication Skills and Ability to Read a Room

How to Know When to Pivot Career or Stay Put

I’d love to support you if there’s a different challenge you’re dealing with.

What are you facing in your career that you would like my advice on?

Go ahead and ask me anything about your career