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Why do some people keep hitting wall after wall in their job search, with no idea why they’re not getting an interview, while others are able to land their dream job?

Landing a job is like a game and it's being played all around you. The people who understand the rules are the ones who find success.

Those who don't understand the rules… well, they suffer through endless interviews without ever getting an offer. Or they don’t get to the interview stage in the first place. How frustrating!

If you’re looking for a new job, then the key thing that separates the winners from the losers is your resume.

“You only have one chance to make a good first impression.”

Common Mistakes That Land Resumes in the Reject Pile

Most people don’t know how to write a powerful resume that outlines their achievements to get the attention of recruiters, supports their candidacy, and advances their career.

I remember when I used to pore through resumes to fill a position. I hated it! I often wondered why candidates made it so difficult for me to consider them for the role.

For example, these were some of the mistakes I saw in resumes that came across my desk:

  • They had typos (which shouts “no attention to detail” or “you didn’t care enough to triple check”)
  • There were grammatical mistakes (which signals you don’t have a key skill I’m looking for – being able to write)
  • They were too long (if you can’t fit it in a page, you probably can’t be concise in real life either)
  • They were hard on the eye (seeing lots of single-spaced text in a tiny font size puts me in a negative frame of mind before even reading your resume)
  • They were hard to follow chronologically (don’t make me hunt for whether there were gaps in what you did with your time because I will find them anyway)
  • They were boring (when yours sounds just like the other dozens of resumes I’ve just reviewed)

And then there were many resumes that didn’t stand out because the person hadn’t made it easy for me to “get” their accomplishments immediately or see what makes them unique as a person. Sometimes the “personal interests” section was the most intriguing part and tipped the balance in their favor!

So, be honest with yourself, how many of these mistakes have you made?

Having a powerful resume is absolutely key to getting an interview, and if you don’t even get the interview you definitely won’t get the job.

But it’s hard to get your whole life’s work onto one page (or at most two). And some of us find it hard to “sell” ourselves whether it’s on paper or in person, even though it’s crucial to finding your dream job where you can increase your earnings, make a bigger impact and enjoy what you do when you go to work each day.

If you want to make the right impression on recruiters and hiring managers, then the best way to give yourself an advantage is to arm yourself with a powerful, attention-grabbing resume.

How to Design a Powerful Resume That Gets You Noticed and Lands Interviews

Now, I’m not a resume expert (helping you get a promotion is my super strength).

So, if I ever needed resume advice, then there’s one person I would turn to. She was one of the speakers at my Career Mastery™ Kickstart Summit where she was voted the Top Speaker two years running!

If you’re looking to land your dream job this year but you’re struggling to land an interview, then Lisa Rangel, Managing Partner at Chameleon Resumes, is holding a special training on:

“How to Design a Powerful Resume to Land 6-Figure Interviews and Get the Offer!”

Lisa is a resume expert who understands the ins and outs of the hiring process. She’s a former search firm recruiter, 10-time certified executive resume writer and the only long-term job search consultant hired by LinkedIn.

Lisa knows what it takes to create a powerful resume that lands you six-figure interviews and generates more success.

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During this free training, Lisa will show you the unspoken, unwritten rules behind the job search and how to make people want to interview you. Here are just a few of the areas she’ll cover:

  • The three biggest mistakes that almost every single job seeker makes every day
  • A foolproof way to precisely qualify yourself for the job you want
  • How to structure your resume, taking into account what kind of information recruiters want to find, and where – and leaving out the fluff they don’t want to see
  • How to write achievement-based bullets that demand the attention you deserve
  • What to replace on your current ineffective resume and the exact words to use instead to fill your calendar with interviews
  • Why recruiters ignore resume tasks and prefer resume results instead. Almost no one else does this… yet resumes that incorporate results go straight to the top of the pile

If you want to watch one of the most experienced resume writing and interview landing experts hack apart real-life resumes and show you how to instantly inject your resume with powerful achievement-based bullets and an eye-catching summary, then make sure to reserve your spot on this free Resume Masterclass.

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I hope what you’ll discover lands you your dream job. I’m rooting for you!