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My 3 Favorite Productivity Strategies

In my personal quest for productivity, I’ve tried many tips, tools, strategies and apps. Some have stuck but most have not. The good news is I’ve found a few that have stood the test of time. Here are three strategies that are helping me most.

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How to Be More Decisive

Being indecisive is a showstopper if you want to progress to senior levels in your career. Here are 4 steps to becoming more decisive so you can be a better leader and decision-maker, and live your life without regrets.

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How to Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself

I recently faced a setback. A project I was working on was nowhere near hitting our targets and time was running out. I almost gave in to wallowing in self-pity and feeling sorry for myself, but I didn't. Instead, I did something else and it felt satisfying.

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How I Nearly Won a Ferrari

When my team returned from a live event in Phoenix, Arizona, and said, “we’re going to enter the Ferrari competition!”, I said without hesitation, “I’M IN! What do we have to do?” That’s when the “fun” began.

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