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How to Join or Create a Mastermind

Being in the right mastermind group can dramatically accelerate your progress, whether it’s in your business, your career or another aspect of your life. Discover how you can find a mastermind to join or create one of your own, plus the 3 keys to a successful mastermind.

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How to Do Your Own Mid-Year Review

Welcome to the start of the second half of the year. Do you know where you stand? Are you on track to accomplish what you want and need? Doing your own personal mid-year review is essential to make sure you’re still on course.

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7 Qualities of a Professional

Do others see you as professional? How does that help you stand out in your career and get noticed for the right reasons? If you’re seeking a sponsor or bigger career opportunities, then these are qualities that others are looking for.

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How to Be at Your Best More of the Time

Do you consistently bring your “A-Game” to everything you do? I strive for it, but often fall short. A more realistic goal is to find ways to operate at your best more of the time. Here's how to make it more repeatable and more likely you’ll spend more time in that optimal zone.

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