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The Problem With Trying

I grew up thinking of trying hard as being “a good thing”. Now, I realize that trying has a substantial dark side, and can be downright negative as a mindset. As a result, I am in favor of ceasing to “try” and starting to “do”. Here’s my thinking.


3 Ways To Harness Your Fear

Since prehistoric times, fear has proven useful to our survival, both individually and as a species. These days, however, fear more often can hold us back from enjoying the success we are meant to achieve. With most of our fears blown out of proportion or perhaps even imagined, we must learn to keep fear in check or…



Why do some people train hard in the gym and play hard on the court, while others go through the motions? Are those hours equally well spent? Some would ask what the point is of showing up if you aren’t going to get everything you can out of it. Others would say that at least the second person bothered to go at all.