This is a great time to figure out how to make this new year an awesome year.

Last week, we took a look back and thought about building a foundation for the year ahead. You thought about the year that you’ve just had and rated it on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being lowest, 10 being highest.

Now, you want to take a look forward and think about: how are you going to make this year a 10?

I want you to leave this time together energized and excited about the year ahead, and not blocked and locked into old patterns that didn’t serve you well. To do that, I’m going to share with you three steps.

The first one is, I want you to think about…

What does a 10 look, sound and feel like for you?

Maybe there are elements of the kind of person you want to be at work, at home, in the community. Perhaps you want to think about the kind of areas that you want to invest in, whether it’s in your personal and professional development, in your health, or in your relationships. Perhaps you want to include some key accomplishments that you want to have this year.

To use myself as an example, here are the answers that I came up with. The three things I would like to have for making the year a 10 for me are:

  1. A feeling of wellbeing, both for myself and for my family.
  1. I want to have, in my work, the ability to serve more people. That means creating great content that will serve more people and then reaching them.
  1. The third thing that would make this year a 10 for me is to be bold and fearless; you know, stop playing it so safe and put myself out there.

The second thing to do is…

Figure out what stands in your way

What stands in your way could be something that’s internal, or it could be based on external circumstances, or a combination.

So in my case, I thought about that and realised it’s the following three things:

  1. My drive, energy and stamina. Yes, I know, it sounds like a good thing, right? But our strengths taken to extremes are our weaknesses. In my case, my wellbeing can really suffer because I can go a long way and work really hard for a long time before I realise that, like those cartoon characters that are running, and they’re running so fast that they’re over the edge of the cliff already before they realise, “Oops, there is no earth beneath me and I’m going to drop down.” So that’s my problem.
  1. I am really easily distracted by what I call ‘shiny objects’. I love the new and innovative, and that makes it hard for me to focus on just getting one or two or three things done in the year.
  1. The instinct to play it safe. I tend to want to do things perfectly, be right and, above all, not offend anybody and that makes it hard to be bold and fearless.

So think about what are those things that might be holding you back.

Then third…

Put together a plan for addressing those obstacles and remove them

For me, those are going to be about putting together a set of guiding principles. So the guiding principles I’m going to use for the year are the following:

  1. I am going to leverage my team. I’ve got a great team and I’ve got to stop doing their stuff for them. And, frankly, they have better ideas than I do half the time.
  1. I’m going to focus on doing what I call ‘90 day sprints’. I’m going to split the year up into four 90-day chunks. I call them sprints because I like challenge and it sounds like I’m really focused. In those 90 days I’m going to focus on doing just three things, accomplishing three major things in my business.
  1. I’m going to be guided by my fear. I’m going to follow my fear. If I’m afraid of doing something then I’m going to know that I’m on the right track.

Those are the three guiding principles for me. What are they for you?

Take action

So, think about those three steps and take action on those three steps.

  1. What would a 10 look, sound and feel like for you for the year?
  2. What stands in your way?
  3. What kind of guiding principles can you form together as a plan to really address those goals and obstacles?

Now I want to leave you with this question: what obstacles stand in your way for having a year that is a 10?

Scroll down and leave a comment so that we can all help you unblock them.

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