Don’t you love it when you have a group of people who get what you’re trying to do, support you in your efforts, and inspire you to be your very best?

I’m fortunate to be part of a few groups like that. Each one has boosted my progress and helped me achieve major milestones with greater certainty than if I were going it alone.

I’m especially excited to be back this week at the gathering of one of the tribes that I’m a part of. It's run by New York Times bestseller and $500M Dollar Man, Jeff Walker, who has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get their messages out into the world in a bigger, faster way.

While it’s a big conference with over 1,000 people, it feels smaller because I’ve made some close friends within that group. And it’s easy to strike up a conversation with the rest because we share a common interest.

Being here with these great people and listening to Jeff speak have reinforced three core beliefs that I have when it comes to becoming successful in career and life.

Attract amazing people

The first is that you can and must attract amazing people into your network, and indeed, your life. Frankly, it’s a key success factor personally as well as professionally.

As my mentor Jeff Walker said at the start of our conference, it’s one of his special abilities to be able to attract amazing people into his tribe.

The way he does this is to “expect people to bring their best and brightest selves”. By treating people this way, they tend to rise to the occasion. And by holding this positive expectation, the way you behave and react to others will make it more likely that they’ll actually bring their best and brightest selves.

On the other hand, if you expect people to judge you or to be aloof, that can affect the way you approach them, which creates a mood that can easily become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Hang out with the right people

The second belief I have is that hanging out with the right people accelerates your progress and enhances your chances of achieving success, however you define success.

While these “right people” can come in many shapes and sizes, they will be the ones that have a positive influence on you and enhance your prospects. Who you’re around affects everything.

In order to hang out with the right people, you have to first show up. Whether that’s having a one-to-one coffee, going to a big conference or something in between, it’s vital to get out of your office, cubicle or hotel room and engage with other people. None of us succeeds alone.

In fact, Jeff credits his success to the fact that he “spent the last 20 years showing up and hanging out with the right people.” Even if you’re an introvert who isn’t a Type A personality, you can do this too. That’s how Jeff describes himself, and he’s had tremendous success showing up and engaging with the right people.

Bring your best self

Showing up also means bringing your best self to your interactions. When you are at your best, you are also at your most attractive.

People are attracted by those who are positive, upbeat and energizing. I can’t think of anyone who prefers to spend their time with people who complain, criticize and are ungrateful. Can you?

To bring out your best self, the key is to set your intention before heading into a group event or meeting.

For me, that’s closing my eyes and taking a few cleansing breaths to clear away any negative energy I may have picked up earlier in the day, tapping into my core self-belief, and reminding myself to come from a place of generosity and abundance. Then, I’m ready to engage in a positive way.

By the way, this applies to coming home from work too!

What will you do?

As you move forward in your career, remember to appreciate the groups you belong to and keep investing in your relationships along the way. When you attract amazing people, spend time with them and bring your best to your interactions, you'll be well on your way to building the life you've always wanted.

So, what’s the next step you need to take to attract more amazing people into your life?

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