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Excel at the Next Level

Next Level Leadership is a high-end coaching program for corporate professionals who are transitioning to a bigger role with more responsibilities and want to excel at the next level.

As a part of a small, select group of ambitious professionals who are prepared to invest in themselves to meet their new leadership challenges, you’ll be learning from May Busch and also each other in a safe and confidential space.

Over the course of the six-month program, you’ll come away with the actionable strategies, insights and support you need to lead with greater confidence, command respect and overcome whatever challenges you may face.

Topics covered

  • Driving results as a leader at the next level
  • Managing former peers who are now your direct reports
  • Developing the kind of network you’ll need at new senior levels
  • Building a high-performing team
  • Establishing yourself as a leader in the eyes of others
  • Managing your time and energy as you take on more responsibility
  • Setting the vision and strategy for your business area
  • Communicating with gravitas and impact
  • And much more

What Alumni say

“It has ‘leveled up’ my leadership”
This program has been incredible. I have focused primarily on my communication patterns, particularly with executive leaders. This program has given me very tangible tools to use in approaching my work. I can say without hesitation it has “leveled up” my leadership. The projects my manager now trusts me with are very different from projects I was working on even 6 months ago.

“I’ve gained so much clarity”
It’s been incredible. I’ve gained so much clarity around how to more consciously and effectively drive results and influence my team.

“People are starting to see me as a leader”
I am becoming more strategic in my approach. I don't just do work and put my head down. I am strategic in my approach and as a result people are starting to see me as a leader.

Your Leadership Coach

May Busch

May Busch, former COO of Morgan Stanley Europe, is a sought-after executive coach, speaker, advisor, author of Accelerate: 9 Capabilities to Achieve Success at Any Career Stage, and CEO of Career Mastery™.

Following her successful investment banking career, May brings her insights and experiences to help leaders and their teams perform at their best and fulfill their potential.

As an executive coach and mentor, May brings 24 years of front-line corporate experience and expertise to help professionals overcome (often hidden) obstacles, advance to the next level in their careers and reach their full potential. She’s a seasoned business executive with a passion for helping leaders be the best they can be.

Next Level Leadership Program 2023

Lead with Confidence

Limited spots available

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