What is the appropriate way to connect about a job?

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Hello, May. I watched a LinkedIn webinar with you as host last week and really enjoyed your presentation about showing up as your best self. I’m hoping you would be willing to offer your opinion about a question related to following up about a job prospect. I learned about a company last week whose mission was immediately attractive. At the same time, I noticed a role that checked all of the boxes and seemed too good to be true. I found the job in the morning before work and committed to applying to it after work that evening, however, when I went back to the job post, it was already gone. Ironically, earlier in the day, I participated in a large community meeting via Zoom and after I entered my contact information in the chat, someone from the company of interest entered their contact information. I looked her up on LinkedIn and we have a few common connections. I’m still interested in the company and would like to reach out to ask for consideration if any future positions such as the one that was previously posted comes up again. The problem is that it’s a blind connection, and I am not sure what is appropriate, if anything. Thank you!

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