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Hi, Maybusch

I'm working an X public sector for 32 years with only one internal promotion awarded four years ago without any other appraisal. The organization has been placed under turnaround strategy applied at workplace, has much of subjectivity than transforming the system as their turnaround document has been promulgated. what we are confronted with are new era terminologies such as; The company is under transitional process, Youth Development Strategy, Phase in and out of the systems, etc. My concern about this kind of treatment began when questioning for clarity, one is subjected to be a target of the mainstream. As I'm talking, I've been labeled as a problematic figure in the workplace. All the decision taken at my disposal are being turned down and the subordinates were influenced not to take up my instructions into recognition any longer. This worries me because I can't work under the toxic environment. I even decided to terminate the employment just to relieve myself from such kind of tension. I've been monitoring the interns for three consecutive two-year programs without experiencing any affecting circumstances as I presently confronted with. Could you please advise?
James M.

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