My new boss competes with me and I’m getting completely sidelined- should I leave or stay?

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I joined a new firm (trading position in a hedge fund ) about 1.5 years ago. Unfortunately it seems I lost the political game inside the company. Another team member was working on similar things as I did, but had a much better connection to senior management as he was much longer in the firm than me. It's possible I also made some mistakes in presenting my work, as I was not familiar with the internal workings of the new firm. It seems the colleague got all the visibility and also cut me out of various discussions. At the beginning of the year he was promoted to lead the team and is now my line manager. This makes me very worried as he is kind of competing with me, but naturally concentrating the resources on himself. I have very little contact to the management layer above him and they are anyway not super familiar with what we are doing and they seem to fully trust him. It's a pity, as the firm is certainly one of the top players in my field and could offer good opportunities, but I don't see how I can be successful with this setup. I believe I could contribute a lot more but Im basically getting sidelined even in areas where i have a lot more experience than anyone else in the team. In terms of experience and probably knowledge I think I should be at the same hierarchical or seniority level as my new boss, but now I have 0 reports and am limited to a very small niche in which my boss is also pushing more and more. I don't think I can talk about this with my bosses boss, as they trust him and I think there are also some political relationships inside the company that highly benefit him and would put me in a weak spot. The situation is really bringing me down, as I had high hopes for the new role, but now it seems like I'm not getting anywhere. I'm naturally extremely positive and ambitious, but I feel more and more negative and lethargic.
I'm strongly considering leaving the company, but I think it would be better to have a longer track record.

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