frying pan into the fire?

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My question- do you have any advice/ resources on how to decide…….

I've spoken with you on the group Zoom call and raised the question if I should stay with my current company/ move. The consensus was I should look elsewhere for a role which I have been doing for around 6 months. There have been a few roles pop up, but there certainly aren’t loads.

I have been through a few processes which has taken some time. One role I felt I didn’t really gel with my boss, another the previous employee retracted her resignation and another I am through to the final stage. It's been quite a long process – 7 stages. I’ve been given three presentations to prepare for the final stage, two of which are quite technical. I am feeling very flat about it and proscrastining about doing the presentations/ pulling out of the process.

I am unsure if I need to just get my ‘act in gear' or I should pull out.

– The timing isn’t great personally (a lot going on, but that is life)
– The timing isn’t great with my current role, I am pretty ramped up with some projects at the moment and struggling to find the hours needed for the interview prep
– In the role I am interviewing for there are some technical parts (which I haven’t done for over ten years), I am finding it hard to take the information on board
– My current company has got slightly better (although still quite a few issues)
– I am nervous about the step up in terms of commitment in the new role (the interview process obviously requires this and I seem to be resistant on giving it at this final stage!). I did one of the stages with the hiring manager whilst on holiday and there have been a fair few texts from him at 6am, 10.30pm etc this isn’t an absolute ’no, no’, but it is a warning light for me)
– I am nervous about burning myself out. I did a similar role pre -children and I was exhausted and honestly the decent money stopped being enough to be giving so much of my life to it?
– maybe I am being too fussy

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