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Facing Up To Face Time

One of my favourite quotes is film director Woody Allen’s line, “80% of success is showing up.” But once you show up, how long do you need to stick around when it comes to your workplace? The perennial question of “face time” (i.e., extra time...

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Influence: Leaders Are Not Colorfast

The people we surround ourselves with have a big influence on how we think and behave, as well as how we are perceived.  That’s why parents care that their kids are not running with the “wrong crowd”. The same holds true for the people you...

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Would You Take This Dream Job?

The following situation (or something substantially similar) actually exists in real life.  How close is this to your dream job, or is it pretty much the opposite? The Job: Congratulations.  You have been chosen to start work at our...

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5 Ideas For Keeping Your Composure

Keeping your composure when you feel safe is easy.  The question is how to regain and retain it when you are no longer in your comfort zone, when you feel out of your element.  Add pressure to any situation (speed it up, raise the stakes,...

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