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5 Ideas For Keeping Your Composure

Keeping your composure when you feel safe is easy.  The question is how to regain and retain it when you are no longer in your comfort zone, when you feel out of your element.  Add pressure to any situation (speed it up, raise the stakes,...

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Are We Creating Unhappy Women?

A friend of mine is terribly worried that our next generation of high-achieving women may be destined for unhappiness because they will have difficulty in finding husbands.  Are our self-affirming messages to today’s smart, capable young women...

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She's Inspiring At 69

Have you heard about Mamyrock, the new British DJ who is taking Europe by storm?  (TimesOnline:  http://bit.ly/bY7XBm)She happens to be a 69-year old grandmother and former “trailing spouse” who started this new career just a handful of years ago.  How...

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What Goes Around Comes Around

Yesterday morning, someone lashed out at me verbally, including some unkind statements and a veiled threat.  He was upset because something I inadvertently had done while helping a third person was causing him delay on his journey.  Without...

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