“Let’s work together to get you a promotion using the proven system I used to land 10 promotions in my 24-year career”

May Busch
Former COO of Morgan Stanley Europe
and now Executive Coach, Speaker, Advisor, Author

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You’re here because you want more

You want more recognition for all your hard work, sacrifices and value you bring.

You want more respect from colleagues and clients, and to be taken more seriously.

You want to make more of a difference and have more impact.

And, you want to have more pay every month.

Getting a promotion can give you all this and more. The respect, career opportunities, impact, prestige and higher pay are just some of the benefits.

But going for a promotion can be an anxious and stressful time.

There’s the anxiety of wondering, “What if I’m missing something? What if I don’t get promoted even though I deserve it? What if John or Jane get promoted ahead of me because they’re better at self-promotion? I’ll be so pissed off!”

And the very real worries like, “How can I get promoted when my boss hates me? When I’m not getting on the big, juicy projects? Or when my boss hogs the limelight?”

It’s also a confusing time because there’s so much conflicting advice on what to do, like “just keep doing a good job” versus “you gotta play the politics”.

Sometimes the well-meaning advice you get can be clear as mud. Like the time my boss told me I needed to be more of an “impact player”. What does that mean exactly? Being a “nice Chinese girl”, it sounded like I needed a personality transplant. Help!

And the thought of having conversations with senior managers about your promotion can feel intimidating. You don’t want to screw it up or sound like an idiot and leave a bad impression.

On top of all this, you have a million and one things on your evergrowing to-do list, so how can you make time to focus on your promotion? But the clock is ticking and you can’t leave it too late.

And in the darkest moments, you might even wonder, “What if I’m never going to get ahead in this place? I should quit if I don’t get this promotion. But then how will I pay my rent or mortgage and put food on the table?”

These are very real concerns and it’s normal to have some or all of these feelings.

So, what can you do?

Get ready to take the guesswork, worry, stress and anxiety out of getting a promotion

Hi, I’m May Busch, former COO for Morgan Stanley Europe and now executive coach, speaker, advisor and author.

I had every one of these fears during my career until I took all the time and energy I spent worrying and turned it into an action plan. I refined my plan over the years as I got promotion after promotion until it became a system and a part of the way I went about my work.

This is the system that got me promoted 10 times in my 24-year career and it’s helped my team members and coaching clients get promoted.

Now I want to share my proven system with you to help you to get promoted faster and more easily.

You don’t have to waste months and even years figuring out how to achieve all this like I did. You don’t have to feel alone with no one to turn to for proven advice. And you don’t have to go through trial and error, hoping something will work.

I’m going to take the guesswork out and show you exactly what to do and how and when to do it. And then I’m going to be here supporting you as you put your promotion plan into action.

Imagine being 100% sure you’re taking all the right steps to set yourself up for success and promotion. And doing it in a way that’s true to who you really are so you don’t need to be someone you’re not.

And with your promotion comes the public recognition of your accomplishments, the confidence of knowing you’ve arrived at the next level, the instant respect when you show your business card with your new title, and of course the higher pay so you can treat yourself or your family to the finer things in life without worrying about the budget. It’s an awesome feeling!

So if you’re ready to take action to get promoted, here’s how we can work together to get you to the next level of success.

How to Get Promoted Program

The How to Get Promoted Program gives you the insider insights, actionable strategies and implementation support you need to set yourself up for promotion.

Over the next 4 months, we’ll work together so you can:

  • Learn the steps you need to take to get promoted and create your personal plan for promotion.
  • Do the practicing and preparation with my guidance as you apply the 5 Ps of Promotion™ framework to your situation.
  • Show to your senior managers, decision-makers and influencers that you’re worth promoting as you implement your promotion plan with my guidance and support.

And you won’t be alone. All along the way, I’ll be here to support you through a variety of means including live group coaching calls, office hours and email.

I’ll also be in our private Facebook group where you’ll have the chance to learn from others in the program, whether that’s to swap strategies with others who are facing the same challenges as you, learn what’s working, share your challenges, or celebrate your wins.

How to Get Promoted Program consists of 3 parts:

  • Part 1: Masterclass
  • Part 2: Weekly Live Calls during the Masterclass
  • Part 3: Implementation Support

Here’s how these three parts of the program work.

Program Part 1:
(first 5 weeks)

The 5-module Masterclass is based on the framework I’ve used for my own promotion plans and with my team members and coaching clients. It’s called the 5 Ps of Promotion™ with the Ps standing for Process, Product, Platform, People, and Positioning.

The beauty of this framework is that each part is simple and actionable. And they build on each other to form your own plan for success.

You’ll receive a module each week where we’ll cover one of the 5 Ps of Promotion™. Each module is prerecorded, so you can go through it at your own pace and have it available whenever you wish to go through the material again later.

By the end of the 5-week Masterclass, you’ll have a clear plan that shows you the right things to focus on at the right times to secure the promotion you deserve.

Module 1

Promotion Process

Your promotion prospects will be “hit or miss” unless you’re clear on the timeline for promotion and the milestones you need to reach. But, we’re not just talking about the dates and deadlines of the formal process.

What most people miss is that there’s an informal “process within the process” that people don’t tell you about but is hugely important. This is the insider insight you need to know about to be successful in getting your promotion, and I’m going to reveal it all to you.

Here’s what you’ll achieve in this module:

  • Create a game plan for your promotion with a timeline and milestones
  • Identify the informal criteria that can hold you back if you’re not aware
  • Learn the language and “currency” that matters most in getting promoted
  • Figure out whether you’re in a “seat” you can get promoted from

Module 2

Promotion Product

When it comes to promotion, you are the product with your own distinct package of attributes that you bring to the table.

Someone, probably your boss or your boss’ boss, will be putting together that package and presenting your case for promotion to the decision-makers. Since you won’t be in the room when the decision is made, it’s crucial to ensure that this package is as strong and accurate as possible. Most people don’t know how to do that or even that it needs to be done! That’s where this module comes in.

You’ll be able to assess how people see you as a candidate, shift their opinions where necessary, and help them make your case in the most compelling way.

Here’s what you’ll achieve in this module:

  • Get clear on your assets and liabilities when it comes to getting promoted
  • Assess where you stand on the 4 elements that make up your promotion package
  • Gain clarity on what might hold you back
  • Learn how to leverage your strengths and turn your liabilities into assets

Module 3

Promotion Platform

Your platform is your role or job. Think of it as a stage on which you perform. One that provides you with opportunities to learn, grow and show what you’re capable of.

When it comes to platforms, it’s easy to think you understand what it takes to be successful at the next level, but it’s never so straightforward. Just like it’s hard to see what’s on the next shelf above eye level until you’re higher up.

And most people miss out on opportunities to make the most of their current platform. That’s because they’re so busy doing the job that they can’t see ways to leverage the role they’re currently in to make the case for their promotion.

Both are critical steps for showing you’re able to succeed at the next level.

Here’s what you’ll achieve in this module:

  • Assess your current role and identify gaps between where you are and where you need to be to succeed in your next role
  • Learn the crucial shift you must make to succeed at the next level
  • Discover common mistakes that keep even high achievers from getting promoted

Module 4

Promotion People

People promote people. So, the more you are known to the decision-makers and influencers, the better off you will be.

But you may be several steps removed from decision-makers, your boss might be a “gatekeeper” who hogs the limelight, and you may not know how to reach those senior managers much less build a relationship with them.

Whatever challenges you’re facing, there are ways to get the right people on board for your promotion, which is essential to boosting your promotion prospects. The People module will show you how.

Here’s what you’ll achieve in this module:

  • Identify the stakeholders who matter and how to manage those relationships well
  • Create your own Career Board of Directors to enhance your promotion prospects
  • Learn how to develop relationships with senior decision-makers and influencers, build your credibility, and raise your profile in an authentic way

Module 5

Promotion Positioning

Positioning yourself means being able to make a compelling case for your promotion. This means knowing your audience as well as yourself so you can present your case in the most effective way.

This is where all the elements come together so you can start delivering on your plan, including: what you want to convey about you as a Product, which People to convey this to, how to frame the case according to the criteria that matter in the Process, and leveraging your current Platform to close any gaps and show you’re ready for promotion to the next level.

Here’s what you’ll achieve in this module:

  • Learn how to make the case for your promotion
  • Discover the 6 elements of a compelling case that makes it easy for people to say yes
  • Learn about 2 elements that are risky to rely on
  • Learn what to say and when to say it when you convey your case for promotion
  • Get 3 strategies for improving your chances of promotion

When you complete the Masterclass part of the How to Get Promoted Program, you’ll come away with greater confidence from having your own promotion plan and knowing the next set of actions to take to position yourself for promotion. Plus, you’ll have actionable and proven strategies for positioning yourself in the most effective way.

Program Part 2:
Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls
(first 5 weeks)

These calls accompany each module to give you the opportunity to get your most pressing questions answered and help you improve your promotion prospects.

After all, sometimes you need real-time input to make sure you’re on the right track and maybe simply to put your mind at rest that you’re doing all the right things.

So, whether you need help with your promotion plan, have a situation you need to troubleshoot, or something in between, you’ll get answers and guidance on this weekly 60-minute call. Plus, you’ll have the chance to learn from my answers to questions from others that could help you avoid problems before they arise!

Program Part 3:
Implementation Support
(for 3 months after the Masterclass)

This part of the How to Get Promoted Program is the gold.

Once the 5-week Masterclass is over, you’ll have an entire three months of support as you put your promotion plan into action.

As things progress, you’ll need to adapt and morph your plan and take things to the next level. And when the unexpected comes up, whether it’s an obstacle or an opportunity, you’ll have help from me (and the rest of the group) to make it work for you and not against you.

So, you’ll have the opportunity to get my input live through group coaching calls and my office hours. And in between those calls, you’ll have additional ways to get the support you need.

Your Implementation Support package includes:

Live Group Coaching Calls

On these monthly live calls, I’ll answer your burning questions, help you with your challenges, and do some deeper dives into topics that are of interest to you and the rest of the group.

It’s also an ideal opportunity to see how others are handling challenges that are similar to yours and celebrate your progress.

Office Hours

For those times when you have a confidential question or specific issue you need help with, you can book a 15-minute private call with me during my Office Hours.

To get the most from these private consultations, I’ll ask you to provide a brief summary so I’m prepared to give you my best thinking once we’re together on the call. That way, we’ll make the best use of our time together!

Email Support

You also get email support from me. This is something I usually reserve for my 1-on-1 executive coaching clients, but I’m making it available to you as part of this program because I’m serious about helping you get promoted.

So when you have an emergency and need my coaching input, you’ll have my private email address for How to Get Promoted Program participants only. Kinda like the “Bat Phone”… to be used when you really need to reach me for help!

Private Facebook Group

There’s nothing quite like being with a group of people who understand what you’re going through and are ready, willing and able to provide support, share strategies and celebrate your wins along the way!

So, in addition to all the other support, you’ll have 24/7 access to our private Facebook Group where you can ask questions (like “I’ve got a meeting with the big boss on Friday, can you give me feedback on my script?”), share successes (like “hey, I nailed that meeting with the big boss!”), and swap strategies for speaking up at meetings, raising your profile, having promotion conversations or whatever is coming up for you (like “just tried the Rule of 3 and it totally worked with my manager!” or “if your boss hogs the limelight too, here’s what I did that finally got me some visibility with senior management…”).

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Bonus 1

How to Talk to Senior Managers About Your Promotion

Imagine knowing exactly what to say to senior management to come across as confident, strategic, and worthy of promotion.

How to Talk to Senior Managers About Your Promotion equips you with word-for-word scripts so you know how to start the promotion conversation, talk about your accomplishments in a powerful way, and get a meeting with the right people in the first place.

You can say goodbye to those times when you wished you had the right phrases in your back pocket, or didn’t have the courage to have the conversation in the first place!

$197 Value

Bonus 2

What It Really Takes to Get Promoted – Insights from Decision-Makers

The most important conversations about you and your promotion happen behind closed doors where decision-makers and influencers can speak frankly. It’s also where the decisions are made.

Imagine knowing exactly how decision-makers think, what they’re looking for and what it really takes to get promoted. Not just the sanitized version that’s gone through 10 rounds of revisions before landing in the employee handbook!

In this series of exclusive interviews with six top executives from a variety of industries and functions, you’ll learn the inside story straight from senior decision-makers.

You’ll discover:

  • What they look for in a promotion candidate
  • What gets discussed behind closed doors
  • What could derail a candidate from getting promoted
  • What they would work on and pay attention to in your shoes
  • And much more

$497 Value

Bonus 3

Creating Your Career Game Plan Workshop

Just as you need a plan for your promotion, you need a game plan for your career overall. Otherwise, you’re at the mercy of other people’s agendas which might take you far away from where you want to be personally and professionally.

With the Creating Your Career Game Plan Workshop, you’ll get clear on your longer-term vision for your career and life and what that means you need to do in the medium-term and in the next 90 days.

Having this Career Game Plan means you’ll always be on track for where you want your career to go. And it’s flexible enough to capture changes along the way. No more guessing and worrying about what’s next for you. You’ll come away with the clarity, confidence and courage to move forward toward the life you’ve always wanted.

This online workshop comes with downloadable worksheets and a template you can use every quarter to make your career (and life) aspirations a reality.

$197 Value

Meet your Coach

May Busch

May was promoted 10 times during her 24-year career on the way to COO of Morgan Stanley Europe. Now, she's a sought-after executive coach, speaker, advisor, and author of Accelerate: 9 Capabilities to Achieve Success at Any Career Stage.

As an executive coach and mentor, May brings 24 years of front-line corporate experience and expertise to help professionals overcome (often hidden) obstacles, advance to the next level in their careers and reach their full potential. She’s a seasoned business executive with a passion for helping leaders be the best they can be.

Is How to Get Promoted Program right for you?

While you’re the only person who can give the final answer, here are some thoughts that will help you figure that out.

This Program is NOT for you if:

  • Your promotion is coming up soon (for example, if decisions are being made in the next 4-6 weeks), so there’s little time to use the strategies in the program.
  • You’re indifferent as to whether or not you get a promotion and don’t care enough to do the work.
  • You’re not willing to have conversations with senior managers, even with proven scripts to help you have them comfortably.
  • Promotion decisions in your organization are based purely on seniority and there’s nothing you or your managers can do to influence the outcomes.

On the other hand, this Program IS for you if:

  • You’re feeling stressed about your promotion or worry that others will get promoted ahead of you.
  • You have a milestone promotion coming up and don’t want to leave anything to chance.
  • You’ve been passed over for promotion and want to have a proven plan this time.
  • Your promotion is coming up in the next 12-18 months, so you have time to use the strategies in the program.
  • You’re serious about going after a promotion and you want to make sure you’re doing everything possible to succeed.
  • You’re in a corporate, higher education (staff roles) or non-profit organization where promotions are not based solely on how long you’ve been there.

The bottom line is that people promote people, and the How to Get Promoted Program provides you with proven strategies to connect with and influence people no matter what jobs or sectors they’re in.

And I’ll also show you how to tailor your approach to suit the specifics of your situation so you come away with an actionable promotion plan that’s personal to you.

Common Questions

When does How to Get Promoted Program run?

The program runs from March 12th through July 15th and includes the 5-week Masterclass followed by 3 months of Implementation Support.

It's delivered virtually so you can control your own pace and easily fit it in and around your work and other responsibilities.

We begin with the 5-week Masterclass, which runs from Thursday, March 12th through Wednesday, April 15th.

  • Each of the 5 pre-recorded modules in the Masterclass will be released on a Thursday.
  • The Live Group Coaching Call for each module will take place on the following Wednesday. These calls will be recorded.

The program then continues with Implementation Support that runs for 3 months from April 15th through July 15th. During this period, you’ll have access to:

  • Live Group Coaching Calls
  • Office Hours
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Email support from me
How long are the Masterclass modules?

Each module contains a series of short videos that add up to about an hour. You can watch them at your convenience and come back to them as often as you want.

Will there be a chance to ask questions on the Masterclass and during the program overall?

Yes. That’s the whole idea! I love answering questions and helping high achievers like you, so there will be a group call for each Masterclass module. You can also email me your questions beforehand if you’re unable to be on the live call.

And during the Implementation Support period, you’ll be able to ask questions during Group Coaching Calls, Office Hours, in the private Facebook group, and via email.

I’m here to help you get promoted!

How do I access the Masterclass?

You’ll be emailed a link when each module is released. Then, with your login credentials that we’ll provide you with, you’ll access the modules in our members-only platform.

If I miss a live Group Call, will I get a recording?

Yes, you will receive a recording of each call. However, I encourage you to show up live as I know from experience that asking questions and learning something live will increase the chances of you implementing it. I don’t want you to just go through the content and not use it.

What if I don’t have time right now but really need this Program?

Each module of the Masterclass will be available in a members-only website that you can access whenever you want – 24/7. You have lifetime access to the entire Masterclass, including the supporting material and bonuses.

This means you can catch up on the “teaching” portion of the program (i.e. the Masterclass, which runs for the first 5 weeks of the program) at your convenience and take advantage of the Implementation Support sessions over the following 3 months when you’re able.

What exactly do I get with the How to Get Promoted Program?

You get:

  1. How to Get Promoted Masterclass
    • 5 teaching sessions
    • Lifetime access to recordings of all sessions in video and audio formats
    • Downloadable worksheets and files so you can learn anywhere, anytime
  2. Group Coaching Calls (also recorded)
  3. Implementation Support for 3 months after the 5-week Masterclass
  4. Bonuses
    • How to Talk to Senior Managers About Your Promotion, including word-for-word scripts
    • What it Really Takes to Get Promoted: Insights from Decision-Makers interview series
    • Creating Your Career Game Plan Workshop
Will this Program be available again in the future?

Yes, but not until next year. So this is your window of opportunity if your promotion is coming up in the next 12-18 months.

When’s the deadline for enrolling?

Enrollment is closing soon. The deadline is 11:59pm U.S. Pacific time on Wednesday, March 4th.

Here’s Everything You Get in This Program to Achieve Success

How to Get Promoted Masterclass
$497 Value

Masterclass Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls
$2,500 Value

Office Hours Coaching Calls
$1,500 Value

Email Support
$1,500 Value

Live Group Coaching Calls
$1,500 Value

Private Facebook Group
$497 Value

Bonus Trainings and Resources
$891 Value

Total value of How to Get Promoted Program $8,885

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

You’re Protected With Our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

I pride myself on delivering high quality classes, courses, workshops and programs that work when you put the work in.

You have a full 30 days to see if the How to Get Promoted Program is right for you, which means you’ll get through more than half of the Masterclass and Group Calls.

If you decide it isn’t, then that’s okay – it happens. In that case, just take advantage of my 30-day money back guarantee – send me an email and I’ll refund 100% of your money right away.

Enroll Now

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you have any questions about the program, please email us. We’re happy to help.

Why You Should Jump on This Now

The How to Get Promoted Program provides amazing value. You get the Masterclass that takes the guesswork out of getting a promotion and my follow-on support to help you put your promotion plan into action.

To put this into perspective, my coaching clients pay me as much as $25,000 for six months to work with me and to have me in their corner to guide them through their promotions. And I only coach 5-6 people at a time, so sometimes you can’t even get on the list.

My friends think I’m crazy to offer this program for just $1,997, but I’m doing this because I want to help a broader number of people than I can one-on-one. And I want to create a lot more success stories of people who have gotten promoted with my program and support.

So, if you want to succeed in landing your next promotion, go ahead and seize this opportunity to enroll now in the How to Get Promoted Program.

And with my 30-day money back guarantee, I’m taking the risk out of it for you.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you have any questions about the program, please email us. We’re happy to help.

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